Getting started: Writing for me

It’s time. Time for me to get serious about writing for me.

In 2000, after graduating from Andrews University with a double major in English lit and journalism, I got my first post-college job, writing for a weekly newspaper. I wrote for weekly and daily newspapers and an industry trade journal about ethanol for the next 16 years, until I left journalism to become a stay-at-home-mom. In the past three years, I haven’t done much writing at all, except private journals.

But I’ve had lots of ideas about things I want to write. Children’s books that started as stories I’ve invented to tell my kid. Non-fiction books. Short stories about the lives of elderly people, living in nursing homes.

Somehow, in the past three years I never found the time, energy or motivation to do much more than take notes. Until about a month ago. I finally got my first children’s book written down. It’s definitely not “done.” I want to keep improving it until it’s something I’d feel proud to publish. Still, it’s awesome to finally have a draft recorded!