Embracing the bug & ugh of it

Several weeks ago I posted a blog about writing a list of the things that bring me joy. Spiders and other creepy crawlies were at the top of the list. So was spending time outdoors, identifying plants and animals and learning with my daughter.

Now, I’ve decided to turn those loves into the main theme of my blog. Rather than just writing about whatever is on my mind, I’m going to focus on something I do anyway, which is taking photos of and identifying the bugs and other creepy crawlies I encounter in everyday life.

I’ve got to credit my husband for the idea to pick a topic for my blog. He told me that more than once and to be honest I didn’t want to listen to him. But in the end I’ve decided it was a good idea. Someday maybe I can turn my interest in documenting and researching bugs into some children’s books. Especially if I can get better photography equipment (right now I’m using my cell phone camera) and start getting better photos.

Next up is my friend Robin. She was the first to say the phrase “bug blog.” I turned that over in my mind for a day or so, thinking about the fact that it’s not just bugs, or insects with six legs, I’m interested in. I also have a fascination with spiders (eight legs) and other invertebrates (like centipedes with many legs or slugs with one). In other words, things most people consider ugh. So I decided to name it the Bug and Ugh Blog, which opens my topics up to any creature that falls into the ugh category, like birds that keep cool by peeing on their own legs or even sharks, which most people consider the bad guy.

I played around with a photo I took of a spider (ugh!) to come up with my blog’s logo. It’s a start.

Now I’m excited to start writing and posting blogs about the insects and other creatures I’ve identified and taken photos of in the past year! Since July, when we first arrived in Virginia, I’ve logged 55 observations in the inaturalist app, which I first learned about on our trip there. So I have plenty of content to choose from and I’m finding more weekly.

I also started my Bug & Ugh YouTube channel to go with the blog. That’s so I can upload videos I take, to link in my blog. And I set up an instagram page for the first time. I posted a few videos and photos, which I will feature in upcoming blogs.

I have no idea what I’m doing, really. My equipment isn’t great, my photos are far from perfect, my videos are pretty goofy. But I’m having fun!